» Why Be a Tutor?

Why Be a Tutor?

Back on Track’s growth and continued success is based on the interest and commitment of our participants – our tutors, students, and parents/guardians. As a tutor and mentor with Back on Track, you can enjoy the satisfaction from encouraging students’ progress, empowering students to become academically self-reliant, and making an impact in the local community.

All participants go through a registration process which includes a paper application and an interview to assess needs, interests, and personality types. Each student is matched with a tutor based on four criteria: 1) subject; 2) age; 3) time availability; and 4) personality. After being matched, tutors are required to attend an orientation and training session.


  • Careful matching with a K-12 student through student, parents, and tutor interviews
  • Training and ongoing workshops
  • Supervision and support in designing academic goals
  • Encouragement in making a difference in the life of a young person


  • Support in building effective study skills
  • A weekly two-hour commitment for tutoring from an adult
  • A confidence-building environment
  • Opportunities for cultural enrichment and fun activities


  • Commitment to high quality tutoring and academic mentorship services for your child
  • Professionally led workshops for parents
  • A safe and nurturing student centered environment
  • Ongoing monitoring and assessment of your child’s academic progress

For more information, or to inquire about becoming a Back on Track tutor/mentor, complete the Tutor Application today or contact us directly.

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