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Student Resources

Free Reading Resource Websites (Links) Provides links to hundreds of websites for reading and math.
The Kid’s Page Archive Wide variety of free worksheets for preK to 5th grade. New worksheets are added every 1-2 weeks.
Schools of California Online Resources for Education (S.C.O.R.E.) Offers resources for a variety of subjects that are aligned to California Content Standards.
Lesson Tutor Free printable lessons and worksheets K-12
Homework Helper Time for Kids offers homework assistance tools such as the Kid-Powered Rapid Research, Write Ideas, and Go Places.
Learning Planet Games and activities for pre-K to 7th grade and up.
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Math Forum Find the answer to nearly any math question from Dr. Math. Archives of answers range from Elementary to College level math.
Cool Math “An amusement part of mathematics by Karen”. She provides interactive games using math in the real world . . . and some non-math games.
Go Math Gomath offers a FREE mathematics tutoring service for students with e-mail. It also has math quizzes and colorful math information while just browsing around.
MacTutor History of Math Prepared by students of the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. It includes math biographies, history, famous curves and “Mathematicians of the day”. This site is loaded with math links!
Math Stories The goal of this web site is to help grade school children improve their math problem-solving and critical thinking skills. It has over 3500 math word problems which are sorted by topic and level of difficulty.
Math Subjects Information and translations on algebra, geometry, trig and calculus. This is a ThinkQuest site prepared by students.
MathCounts The national math coaching and competition program for 7th and 8th grade students.
Math of the African Diaspora Created by a math professor at the University of Buffalo, this site includes profiles of notable contemporary black mathematicians.
Seussville Seussville University offers “lots of good fun that is funny” while learning math and reasoning skills. Seuss characters serve as guides in this interactive learning environment.
Math Forum Student Center This the place for math questions with Dr. Math (need an e-mail address), weekly and monthly math challenges and fun math puzzles & such all divided by grade level: elementary, middle, high school and college! (Spanish, French & German)
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LANGUAGE ARTS Resources (reading, writing, etc.)
Manual for Writing Center Tutors Gives helpful tips and information in coaching students with writing and approaching challenges in writing with your student.
Starfall Resources on teaching comprehension and phonics
S.C.O.R.E Language Arts Graphic organizational tools for writing
Absolutely Whootie Whootie’s stories are rich in multicultural flavor, nondenominational, have positive messages, upbeat and they’ve been kid-tested. Stories can be searched by age group.
Book Adventure Book Adventure is a free, nonprofit, kid-oriented, on-line reading program designed to encourage students in grades K-8 to read more often. (Must have e-mail access to register)
Seussville Seussville University offers “lots of good fun that is funny” while learning basic reading, and reasoning skills. Seuss characters serve as guides in this interactive learning environment. There are also games to play and recipes to make like “Green Eggs & Ham”.
The International Kid’s Space With contributions from all over the world, a student can read stories, learn crafts and hear music . . . all done by children (4-10years old).
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Hear portions of this classic story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland while reading and viewing pictures at the same time!
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SCIENCE: Exploratory Resources
Science Museum The Science Museum’s science fair project ideas website as well as activities in the categories of Adventure, Experiments, Field Trips, Curious?, and Live Cams.
Bubblesphere Learn how to make the biggest and best bubbles from an expert, Professor Bubbles.
Exploratorium A multimedia and communications lab from this museum of science, art and human perception (in SF). It features science experiments to do at home.
Lasers & Optics Everything you wanted to know about lasers (tutorial) and a brief history of optics (beginning with Euclid in 300 BC).
National Science Foundation: Find out Why Students can solve science mysteries, discover the best place on a bat to hit a ball, or find out what happens when a meteor hits. (Spanish/English)
Patterns in Nature: Light and Optics From Arizona State University, students can explore the science of light, obtain information on reflection and refraction, colors and the spectrum.
Photo-Journey Through a Rican Rainforest Explore a journey through a tropical rainforest in Costa Rica near the Rara Avis reserve with a photographer, forensic and educational psychology.
Science Friday Kids Connection News and discussion on the latest happenings in science – from edible vaccines, the science of chocolate, and genes for forgetfulness, to Internet warfare, nuclear waste storage, and human cloning.
Smithsonian Institute Child-friendly explanations, fanciful drawings, and highlights of the exhibits.
The Bug Club Do you find earthworms, beetles, bugs and other creepy crawlies fascinating or even exciting? Then this is the site for you!
The Field Museum Click on exhibits to get an extensive tour of dinosaurs and their fossils. Many graphics and non-boring text make this a super research site!
Thunk.com For kids only: Make secret codes and crack them here. This site also has plenty of jokes and trivia.
Zoom Dinosaurs Lots of facts, worksheets to print, lessons and interactive games about dinosaurs. Plenty of images.
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SCIENCE: Human Body / Health Resources
Kids Food CyberClub A nutrition education site for kids with detailed lesson plans and downloadable teacher’s guide.
Girl Power Page The Department of Health and Human Services’ sponsors this site to empower 9-14 year old girls to make the most of their lives through games, puzzles, and information that encourages positive health values.
Food & Drug Administration Here students meet Yorick the bionic skeleton, learn about food safety and what FDA inspectors look for and discover how vaccines work.
Inner Learning Online An inner exploration of Human Anatomy and Automobiles. Each topic has animations, graphics, and thousands of descriptive links.
The Yuckiest site on the Internet This site is loaded with yuckiness! There is “club Yucky”, gross & cool body info., worm world and games with names like “Toxic waste”. Go crazy and learn something yucky!
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SCIENCE: Environment / Nature Resources
EPA Student Center Students can learn about conservation, ecosystems, air, water, recycling, and human health.
Globe An international environmental project in which students make observations at or near their schools and share data via the Internet.
Federal Emergency Management Agency Offers games, personal stories, safety tips and the information about floods, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and winter storms.
The Club Den Learn about bears in this site: amazing facts, books for young readers and a photo gallery!
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Kids’ activities feature story books, riddles, environmental art and poetry and a science spelling bee. (Spanish/English)
Volcano World A very comprehensive site covering just about everything there is to learn about volcanoes with photos, movies and links! A section called “Kid’s Door” especially for the younger volcano audience.
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SCIENCE: Ocean Study Resources
Shedd Aquarium Shedd Aquarium is the World’s Aquarium. Explore one of the oldest aquariums in the world’s animals, exhibits, and learn about conservation.
Monterey Bay Aquarium Peruse the Mysteries of the Deep exhibits and check out articles, photos and current news. Or, take a 3-D dive in a kelp tank. (Plug-in required to view live cam).
New England Aquarium This site provides interactive learning experiences for students. Take a virtual tour of the Giant Ocean Tank, and through the Charles River. Another very cool feature is to choose a photo and send a postcard to an e-mail friend!
Ocean Planet A Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition with a lot of information and photos.
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SCIENCE: Space Resources
NASA Spaceflight Learn about the upcoming shuttle missions and how they will affect the new International Space Station.
Mars Millennium Project Challenges K-12 students to design a livable community for 100 earthlings on the planet Mars in the year 2030.
NASA Offers more than a dozen Web sites and project ideas for students.
Project Full Moon Embark on a voyage to the moon and back, just click on the moon and go!
Earth Resources observation Systems View satellites of the earth!
The Galileo Project This is the place to collect information on physicist/astronomer Galileo Galilei’s astronomical observations, and check out the portrait gallery of Galilei’s world in the 17th century.
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SOCIAL STUDIES: Civics Resources
CIA’s Homepage for Kids Sponsored by the CIA, this site teaches what the CIA is all about as well as some games involving intelligence gathering.
The White House Visit the White House where Socks and Buddy are the guides. Kids can take a tour, learn about the first family over the years, or write a letter to the president.
The World Factbook Sponsored by the CIA, this site offers older students a wealth of world information using excellent graphics.
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SOCIAL STUDIES: Culture Resources
American Cultural History – The Twentieth Century Web guides of American Cultural History on the decades of the 20th century.
Holidays on the Net A place to learn about holidays, send holiday greetings, and get some holiday recipe.
The Odyssey : World Trek for Service and Education A 2-year project of young adults traveling around the globe. Team members are diverse and adventurous. Kids ONLY in the chat room!
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SOCIAL STUDIES: History Resources
Library of Congress Wise Guide portal was designed to introduce the many fascinating, educational and useful resources available from the nation’s library and one of the most popular Web sites of the federal government.
Excite’s Timeline of History From 4000BC with the Sumerian Civilization to 1999 scandals. . . this site has history.
History and Historiography A mixture of historical subjects by Carnegie-Mellon. Don’t expect dazzle as the site is all text. Use it for research.
Timeline of the American Civil Rights Movement Created in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., this site covers important dates from 1954 through 1965 using text and images.
U.S. Mint The Mint has fun for students: a time machine adventure, several learning games, information on starting a coin collection and a virtual tour of the Mint (coming soon).
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SOCIAL STUDIES: Geography Resources
Geo-Globe If you’re curious about geography, this is the place. A student can explore the world with interactive games.
National Geographic This site is full of things to see and some interactivity: photos, maps, history and the current magazine issue is available to view.
Volcano World A very comprehensive site covering just about everything there is to learn about volcanoes with photos, movies and links! A section called “Kid’s Door” especially for the younger volcano audience.
World Surfari It’s a traveling adventure each month to a new place! History, pictures, local events and plenty of things to learn and share.
BUSINESS Resources
Junior Achievement: Elementary Lively colors and animation, but the site is primarily on how JA can awaken the entrepreneur in grade school students.
Junior Achievement: Middle School Read about JA programs on staying in school, the international marketplace, enterprise in action and personal economics.
Junior Achievement: High School JA’s High School Programs strive to help students develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to become knowledgeable individuals, involved citizens, and productive workers.
Moneyopolis It’s a game of economics where students simulate city life and make decisions on how to earn, spend and save their money. They begin the game as a new resident in the town of Moneyopolis with $600 to get started. . .
Start Your Own Business The Treasury Department’s Start Your Own Business and Learn About Taxes page takes kids through the process of choosing and launching a business (e.g. lemonade stand, lawn mowing services or rock band), paying taxes and filing reports.
U.S. Mint The Mint has fun for students: a time machine adventure, several learning games, information on starting a coin collection and a virtual tour of the Mint

Cultural Resources

Art Resources
African American History
Asian American History
Hispanic History

ART Resources
Artcyclopedia The site claims “the fastest way to find fine art on the Internet” and they’re probably right. A great reference site to museums as well; know what you’re looking for.
Artsedge The Kennedy Center’s Arts Edge is an incredible rich art resource for art education, and offers an excellent collection of related sites.
Metropolitan Museum of Art The Met boasts “5000 years of art!”. A great help for older students to understand artists’ techniques by looking closely at how the work was created.
Museum of Modern Art Kids can interact with art. Some Real Audio or text-based explanations of famous art pieces.
National Gallery of Art The National Gallery of Art houses one of the finest collections in the world illustrating major achievements in painting, sculpture, and graphic arts from the Middle Ages to the present.
Precita Eyes Take a virtual tour of San Francisco murals reproduced on the site.
Smithsonian Institute An avant garde exhibit. Everyday objects tell stories about people, their cultures and the meanings they associate with things. A nonlinear format.
Earth Resources Observation System View satellites of the earth!
Webmuseum Virtual museum that includes digitized art from museums around the world. Lists art by theme and artists associated with them and thumbnail sketches that expand to full-screen images.
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African American Resources Many links for a variety of information pertaining to African American History including General Information, Biographies, History, and Culture.
Afro-American Almanac The AFRO-American Almanac ® is an on-line presentation of the African in America. A historical perspective of a nation, its people, and its cultural evolution.
African Americans in History A brief biographical sketch of several key figures in African American history
African American Mosaic Highlights include photos and historic documents that help tell the history of free blacks in the early 1800’s and the founding of places like Nicodemus, Kansas (for example).
Africana Backed by a team of scholars of African history, this site has chat rooms, news and the like.
Martin Luther King, Jr With rich links and detail, this site features information about the life of Dr. King that includes quizzes for kids.
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Asian Pacific American Heritage Month May is Asian Pacific American Month. This website features Asian American entertainment news, history articles, interactive forums and quizzes.
Ancestors in America: Asian American History Timeline This timeline is primarily adapted from Sucheng Chan’s book Asian Americans: An Interpretive History ©1991, Twayne Publishers, Boston.
Asian Nation A unique sociological exploration of the historical, political, demographic, and cultural issues that make up today’s diverse Asian American community.
Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Asian/Pacific American History and Culture The Smithsonian Institute offers links about Asian American history.
Ask Asia Activities, fun links, factoids are included in this project to preserve and promote Asian American history and culture.
Digital History Asian American History Resources on the World Wide Web. Primary Sources – Ordered by chronology and topic.
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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage! Latinos in History Website resource provides students with biographies of key Hispanic Americans such as Cesar Chavez and Severo Ochoa.
The Hispanic Society of America The Hispanic Society of America Museum website shows famous works of art as well as a timeline of Hispanic history.
Encyclopedia Smithsonian: US Latino History and Culture The Smithsonian Institute offers links about Hispanic American history.
Library.com Access sites on Hispanic American History; includes primary and secondary resources.
Learn Spanish A free online tutorial. Plug-ins are required for the audio portion, but there is plenty to read for a basic orientation.
Latino Cultures & History Arts & History – a Mexico art gallery site with links to cultural institutions.
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Fun & Games Academic Games
Create Your Own Art

Classic Games Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find links to class fun games such as battleship, miniature golf, mind reader, and connect four.
Fun Brain Fun arcade-style games and activities. Categories include Math Brain, FunBrain Arcade, Kids & Parents, and FunBrain Reading. Mad Libs are also on this website.
FunSchool Games for pre-K to 6th grade (ages 3-11)
Zeeks Fun and interactive games for ages 9-14. Games include Bubble Gum Run, Alien Armada, and Evil Elves.
Kaboose Crafts & Activities Variety of arts & crafts activities. Topics include Just for Fun, Seasonal/Holiday Crafts, Reuse/Recycle, Make a Gift, and Crafts Designed for…
Primary Games Educational games and activities for a variety of subjects.
Quiz Hub Fun online interactive learning center.
Time for Kids Learn about current events, take polls, play games, and use the homework helper.
Math Games Woodlands Jr. High’s website for interactive and fun math games on the web. This website has challenging brain-busters as well as games to improve your math skills
MaMaMedia Selected as one of 2005’s 101 Best Websites by ISTE Publications. This is “The Place for Kids on the Net”
FBI – Kids & Youth Educational Page Many detective games for K-12 students.
USA Geography Web Games Web games teach about the capitals, states, and geography of the USA.
Kid Wizard Educational games for kids featuring science spells, fun potions, crossword
puzzles, coloring pages, crisscross, mazes, riddles, mysteries, logic puzzle s, etc.
Education Place Houghton Mifflin Education Place®. Click School Books, Games, or Brain Power to start having fun! (K-8)
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Art Safari Take an art safari complete with paintings & sculptures to view and even create and submit your own art.
Crayola A bright, colorful site for younger students who may need help reading directions. It includes games using colors and numbers.
Hello, Red Fox The story introduces children to the concept of complementary colors. The author also explains the “science” behind his popular books and suggests some follow-up activities.
International Kid’s Space With contributions from all over the world, a student can read stories, learn crafts and hear music…all done by children
Zeum Zeum is San Francisco’s interactive arts center where young people can explore and produce visual, performing and media arts using technology as a creative tool.
Zone Zero Dedicated to photography as an art form, this site hosts several exhibitions of photo images from photographers of the US and Latin America.
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