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“I realized I wasn’t just helping [my student] with the subject matter, I was helping the whole person.” –Nadine, Tutor

“Back on Track is a big reason for my going on to college. I was given so many opportunities that I possibly would not have had otherwise. I have Back on Track to thank for allowing me to be exposed to various career opportunities, college opportunities, and guidance.”                                                                                          -Jacob, Former Student

“I really like that Back on Track is a good program that helps kids. There are a lot of resources for both tutors and students. I would have to say though, that my favorite part about coming to Back on Track is helping [my student] with his homework. We both have fun doing it.”                                                                                                         –Rita, Tutor

“I enjoy coming to Back on Track because I get help with my homework, I get snacks, I get to play fun games after my work, and I get to work with a tutor who matches my personality.” –Amber, Student

“It’s a unique place. You find help for your homework that you wouldn’t find anywhere else…and it’s fun.”
Darnell, Student

“I didn’t know what to expect when I started Back on Track, but [my student] is a great child and it has worked out well–so much in fact I came back for another year to work with her…I think it’s a great program, the staff, the students, and the whole concept. I feel lucky to be a part of this program.” –Patti, Tutor

“I look forward to coming every Thursday. All of [my student’s] family is there too, which means I get to talk and hang out with [them] when we play games.”-Lance, Tutor

“Back on Track has impacted my learning in a positive way. They have helped to increase my thirst for knowledge and my desire to never quit when things look impossible.” -Elijah, Former Student

“At a time in our lives when the media, newspapers and television talk about everything that’s wrong, I can come here  once a week and see something positive and good being done.” -Barry,Tutor

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