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Back on Track’s mission is simple. We promote academic achievement for San Francisco’s under-served children. We believe that academic performance is dependent on fostering confidence and stability with our students. Our intention is not just to help students finish homework, nor to help them finish it correctly or on time. Our main goal is to enable students to thrive in school and show a commitment to learning.

At Back on Track we seek to accomplish the following three objectives:

    1. To provide academic support and help our students thrive in their academic pursuits. 
    2. To promote long-term partnerships.
    3. To help maintain a meaningful bond among members of different communities, across a variety of cultures and professions.

In order to align with and fulfill our mission, Back on Track has developed the following goals:

    • To empower K-12 students with lifelong learning skills and build confidence for successful engagement with pre-college academic coursework.
    • To facilitate a safe and nurturing student-centered environment that fosters intellectual development and personal growth for children.
    • To provide an avenue for San Francisco Bay Area volunteers to make a positive difference in the lives of children and youth.
    • To engage students in a supportive academic mentoring relationship that builds trust and friendship with adult role models.
    • To build bridges of cross-cultural understanding through enrichment activities, field trips, and exposure to the arts.
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